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Jubilian Ngaruwa


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Jubilian Ngaruwa

Jubilian Ngaruwa is a self-taught travel documentary lmmaker from Akumazi, Nigeria. She is dedicated to telling stories that are culturally deeply rooted in Africa. She started her work as a travel documentary filmmaker in 2017 and has since shown her films on three major platforms in Africa, Popcentral TV, DSTV Channel 189, and Arcadia TV. In 2019 she received an artist grant from the British Council. Jubilian has worked in collaboration with Kuta, a young artist foundation in Ogun State, and a contributor to Pulse Nigeria in 2018. Jubilian has been featured by the BBC pidgin, Pulse Nigeria TV, The Nation Newspaper, and Ghana Travelwire News.

Jubilian Ngaruwa is a documentary filmmaker whose film projects are visual enlightenment and critique of Nigeria’s social state with emphasis on history and current events. She began her journey in 2018 and has since worked with BBC Media action, British council as a storytelling facilitator, Pop central TV and Akwaaba African Travel Market. Jubilian Ngaruwa is a recipient of the British council film grant award in 2019. Her documentary film The mysteries of delicious Africa was selected for the Real Time film festival in 2020.