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Kelvin Tersoo Jiraji


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Kelvin Tersoo Jiraji

Kelvin Tersoo Jiraji is a technology entrepreneur, software developer and strategy director with a 5-year experience across four companies both in public and private sector. He has won national recommendations. In his current role, he manages a social enterprise, Agritech Hub, in Nigeria with a team of five people and 15 active volunteers. Together, they have successfully impacted over 5 startups. He has contributed to building the Nigerian innovation ecosystem in the last two years.

Jiraji Kelvin Tersoo is an Innovation Entrepreneur by profession and a builder by calling, building young people and their ideas. He studied engineering at University of Agriculture, Makurdi, and proceeded to work in the financial sector with Diamond Bank Plc. Four years ago, I read a book that changed my life. From that time, it became clear to me that those who are going to change the course of things in my generation will be those with a deliberate bias in entrepreneurship. So I thought, whether you were made to be a doctor, an accountant or a farmer, you will need to have an entrepreneurial mindset at the crux of your thinking. Armed with the knowledge and the passion for impact, I resigned my paid job to start Agritech Hub,to build an ecosystem for young people, entrepreneurs and developers beyond Lagos and Abuja, with the goal of accelerating the application of technology in Agriculture and job creation for youths. I am a TEF entrepreneur, LEAP Africa fellow and MWF semi-finalist. Kelvin lives in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria with his mom and 3 siblings.