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Marion Louisgrand


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Marion Louisgrand

Marion Louisgrand is the head of Kër Thiossane, a venue for digital creation and citizen artistic initiatives in West Africa, which she founded in 2002 with her husband. She was in charge of the organisation and the artistic direction of 7 editions of Afropixel Festival, a digital art festival, and curated video mapping events such as Carrefour des Cultures for UNIC (biennale Dakart 2016) or Leral Thiossane in the Unesco headquarters (10th intergovernmental committee for the protection and promotion of diversity of cultural expressions). In 2014, she launched the school 'Ecole des Communs', an open transdisciplinary research and experimentation space for art, technology, urban ecology, economy and neighborhood policy. Core of the school is the artistic garden and the fablab, Defko Ak Niep (Do It With Others).